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 Deck Discussion 1: Qliphorts

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PostSubject: Deck Discussion 1: Qliphorts   January 13th 2015, 2:32 pm


Introduction of the archetype

"Qliphorts" are an archetype of Machine-Type EARTH monsters they where first introduced to the world of yugioh in The New Challengers.  Basically, they are created and designed to take full advantage of the new, although criticized Pendulum Summon mechanic in the game.  If you couldn't tell, this is shown in the eye-shaped motifs that are visible in their appearances.  These motifs are flanked by two crystals: one blue, one red.   These are identical to the indicators of a Pendulum Scale.  Pretty cool right?

"Qliphort" is a pun on Qliphoth (lit. "Peels", "Shell", "Husks"), the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, and "fort".  The Qliphort is documented in some texts of Kabbalah, a set of teachings originated in Judaism.  The ten emanations of Qliphoth form the Qliphorth Tree (aka "Tree of Death"), and each of them is associated with a type of demon and a devil.  Interesting no?

Currently we only call them just "Qil".  There monsters are somehow or somewhat related to computing, as inferred from their names and flavor texts ("Access", "Alias", "Archive", "Assembler", "Disk", "Kernel", "Killer", "Shell", "Tool").  Each name also refernes a member of the Qliphoth.

Playing Style

Their main focus is to Pendulum Summon monsters to fuel their Tribute Summons, with effects that activate when Tributed or when Summoned by Tributing members of the archetype.

Pendulum Effects: You cannot Special Summon any monsters, except "Qli" monsters (This effect cannot be negated).

Monster Effect: You can Normal Summon this car without Tributing.  If this card was Special Summoned or Normal Summoned without Tributing, its Level becomes 4 and its original ATK becomes 1800.  If this card was Normal Summoned, this card is uneffected by effects activated by monsters whose original Level or Rank is lower than this card's level.

In addition, these "Qil" Pendulum Monsters can manipulate the ATK of mosnters on the field. (With the exception of "Scout" and "Assembler").  Those with a pendulum Scale of 1 boost the ATK of your "Qli" monsters by 300, while those with a Scale of 9 reduce your oppponent's monsters ATK by 300.

Weakness if any?
"Qils" Rely on "Qilphort Scout" more so then anything else.  It is good to run or side alot of backrow or cards that can destroy opponent's continous spell cards, such as "Mystical Space Typhoon (MST)'  and "Fairy Wind."  These cards can also be used to disrupt a Qliphort player's Pendulum Scale, something else the deck rely's on as well.  A card such as "Spell Shattering Arrow" can aid in the destruction of the pendulum scale as well as deal damage to your opponent.  

What do you think can be good against this deck?  Have any ideas to make it better?  What do you think of the deck?  Comment what all you think of it below.  More deck discussions to come in the near future.

No matter what you do, make sure u do it to the best of your ability.
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Deck Discussion 1: Qliphorts
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